Hills, Inc. has a wide array of equipment and expertise in melt spinning of fibers and can conduct trials for you on a per diem basis. Types of spinning include:

Nonwovens (1/2 meter wide line)

  • Spunbond
  • Bicomponent Spunbond
  • Meltblown
  • Bicomponent Meltblown
  • Meltblown Nanofibers
  • Spunbond spinning process development using 5” wide spin pack (sans forming and takeup)
  • Smooth roll calendering
  • Engraved roll calendering


  • Filament Yarns
  • Staple Yarns
  • UOY Yarns
  • POY Yarns
  • FDY Yarn
  • BCF
  • Bicomponent Yarns as above
  • Tricomponent Yarns as above
  • Monofilaments

We have literally hundreds of cross sections available (many available on the nonwoven line) including Sheath/Core, Side by Side, Shaped Filaments, Segmented Pie in solid and hollow, Islands in Sea, Concentric Rings, and many more. We have polymer drying and testing equipment as well as some of the most experienced and innovative fiber spinning technicians and engineers in the world.

NanoMeltblown (1 meter wide line)

Since this line is cost prohibitive to run for small lots, Hills is offering to sell small quantities of standard samples on a $ / meter basis. Contact Hills for current $/meter pricing at jhaggard@hillsinc.net

Hills’ Standard NanoMeltblown Fabric Sample Specifications:

Standard samples Minimum order
14 gsm PP 50 meters
3.1 gsm PP 100 meters
2 gsm PP 150 meters
1 gsm PP 200 meters

Custom NanoMeltblown Fabrics Samples

Small Lot Polymer Sales

We keep a wide array of polymers in our inventory and can sell small lots. There are some polymers we always have in stock and some that are available on a lot by lot basis. This also includes color master batches and certain additives.

Contact us to discuss your needs. We are enthusiastic about helping you with your project.

Tony De La Hoz
Director of Global Process and Product Development
Hills, Inc.